Gutter and Eaves trough Services

yard-workGutter cleaning is a much overlooked home chore. They should be cleaned at least twice a year. (More if you leave directly beside large trees).  Before winter it is important to clean them in order to prevent blockage when the snow and ice start melting. If they are not cleaned in the fall, standing water can freeze and put undue weight and stress on the eaves trough. This freezing will also prevent proper water flow and as a result, water will flow over the edges of the eaves trough and cause extensive water damage to your home. If you notice the following occurring, it might be because of a clogged gutter:

  • Mounds of leaves visible over the edge of the eaves trough
  • Rotting or darkening wood underneath or adjacent to eaves trough
  • Holes in ground directly under eaves trough where water has dripped over
  • Splashes of soil on building walls
  • Eaves trough falling/pulling away from edge of roof
  • Black streaks along sides of eaves trough

Gutter cleaning is a very important form of preventative maintenance which can have an important effect on the longevity of your home through water damage. Call A2Z RENOVATION for your entire gutter cleaning and gutter installation needs.