Laminate Flooring Installation

When laminate flooring first arrived on the construction scene it was reasonably aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive alternative flooring with limited durability. For these reasons it was widely used, but had a bad reputation and considered “cheap” quality and uniform looks.

With the advancement of building materials today, it is no surprise to see vast improvements in the quality of laminate flooring. It is very hard to tell the difference between actual hardwood flooring and a lot of laminate floorings. This is partly since some laminates are actually pre-finished hardwood flooring and are of the exact same, if not even better quality. Many laminates are much thicker than they used to be and “click” or join together much better. Allergy sufferers love this product as it is kept dust and allergen free with simple cleaning as opposed to carpeting. This is especially true in bedroom areas where people are very susceptible to allergens.

Floor installation is done very neatly and quickly by the professionals at A2Z RENOVATIONS and we can often be in and out of your home with minimal disruption. Call us today to beautify your home with this wonderful product!

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