Tile Installation

Tile is a very versatile material which has many applications. From kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, porches, and living rooms, A2Z RENOVATIONS can help you find the tile suitable for your use and personal taste. They can be used as flooring, wall covering, baseboards, and back splashes. Tile is the closest to “maintenance free” as a material can be. Short of the occasional grout sealant, tiles are virtually impervious to water damage and are very easily cleaned.

Renovated bathroomTile’s amazing durability also makes it very cost effective. Although it can be more expensive to initially install as compared to other material, the durability means that you will never have to replace it due to wear and tear. The only time you would ever change ceramic tile is for change in personal taste and style. This being said, with the general public knowing this advantage, chances for resale of your home are much improved. Repairs, if ever needed, are very inexpensive and easily done. The ease of design can also make tile extremely appealing. Making a floor look fancy and unique can add a considerable addition to the market value of your home.

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